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Introduction to Hip Hop [MUSC 271]

MUSC 271/3.0  Introduction to Hip Hop

This course draws attention to the richness of hip hop as a knowledge system and its connections to the particular and convergent trajectories of black histories, black intellectual thought, and black creative texts. It explores the political locations of blackness that are woven into the depths of hip hop music, as well as the lyrical narratives, beats and tempos that tell the complicated stories of black people, cultural aesthetics and modern technologies. Students are asked to analyze hip hop music and culture in complex and open ways, attending to creative texts in conversation with scholarly works to historicize and politicize lessons about liberation and cultural production. This course will facilitate intentional listening to popular and mainstream rap songs that connect students to unfamiliar hip hop and black diasporic histories, especially those that intersect with Canada. Students are expected to understand and respect black music as intellectual; laboriously complicate and undo colonial projects; and imagine different futures.


LEARNING HOURS: 120 (36L;24O;60P)

PREREQUISITE:  Level 2 or above

INSTRUCTOR: Maya Stitski