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Introduction to Theatre Production [DRAM 242]

DRAM 242/3.0

Introduction to Theatre Production

INSTRUCTOR: Graham Price

Students will be introduced to the nature of technical production, its many areas, its specific jobs, as well as its integral connection to the creation of theatre. This course will place emphasis on the fundamental technical elements of lighting, costuming and carpentry. Practical projects will include; creating lighting plots, examining luminaries and lighting control consoles, costume material buying, costume construction, sewing and wardrobe maintenance. The carpentry section will include working with workshop tools, construction materials and techniques, safety issues.

NOTE: Preference will be given to students registered in a DRAM Plan or who require this course for their plan.

LEARNING HOURS: 120 (18S;18Pc;84P)
COREQUISITE: DRAM 240/3.0 or DRAM 242/3.0