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Introduction to Theatre Space [DRAM 240]

DRAM 240/3.0 Introduction to Theatre Space


A theoretical and practical introduction to technical production including various elements of theatre space, design and construction, ground plans, and stage management. DRAM 240 explores offerings of performance and maker spaces, and a selection of its specific jobs with attention to drafting, stage management, and carpentry. We will analyze the intersection of theatre departments, the spaces they can occupy, and the tools they utilize. This course sets a foundation to be continued in DRAM 241 and 242.

The major software programs you will be using includes Vectorworks (Computer Assisted Drafting), MS Office and MS Excel. Approaching with a balanced pace, these digital tools have incredible potential. Major equipment includes power tools and PPE required to operate them. By the end of this course, you will feel a wee bit more comfortable around computer-assisted-drafting and various maker spaces. Practical projects will include ground-plan drawings, carpentry, prompt books and stage management paperwork.

We will evaluate our progress by participating in lecture and lab, acquisition of skills, outlooks, plus several completed assignments.

Preference will be given to students registered in a DRAM Plan who require this course for their plan.

PREREQUISITE: Level 2 or above and a registration in COCA, DRAM, MUSC, MUTH or STSC Plan.
LEARNING HOURS: 120 (18S;18Pc;84P)