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Keyboard Accompaniment [MUSC 100/200/300/400 (002)]

MUSC 100/200/300/400 (002)/1.5 Keyboard Accompaniment

Pianists are the backbone of every form of musical ensemble. Choirs, music theatre and dance
productions, opera, art song, and instrumental ensembles need the support of a skilled pianist. In this
course we discuss principles involved in the different genres of accompanying and collaborative piano.
Students prepare works from each genre, enjoy working with partners of their choosing, listening to
great performances, and attending concerts involving collaborations.

Dr. Shannon enjoys sharing the joy of musical collaboration. She has had a long career performing,
recording and touring with some of Canada’s finest singers and instrumentalists, with Queen’s Choral
Ensemble, Toronto Dance Theatre and the Canadian Opera Company, and as a member of PALENAI
Piano Duo.

Instructor: Dr. Adrienne Shannon

This is a required course for B.Mus piano students.

NOTE: Non B.Mus piano students and non B.Mus students who are interested in this course should
prepare a 15-minute audition consisting of two works of contrasting styles. (minimum Grade 9 level.)
Interested students should email Kim Gudlauski for permission. The Dan School will add successful
applicants to their ensembles after the audition process.