As part of International Council for Traditional Music “Dialogues” project, Margaret E. Walker, D. Linda Pearse (Mount Allison University), and Sandria P. Bouliane (Université Laval) presented a workshop on “Challenging Embedded Coloniality in Music History Curricula” on Saturday, May 29, 2021. As three scholars dedicated to anti-colonial curricular change, we realise that many high-level initiatives do not transfer easily to the practical realm of the music history classroom. In an effort to reveal and challenge the operative structural frameworks and colonial foundations of post-secondary music programmes, we shared our practical experiences from within the academy, create spaces for dialogue, and open up room for the debate.


ICTM Dialogues 2021: Towards Decolonization of Music and Dance Studies, is a series of online sessions combining pre-recorded presentations with facilitated discussions.  

You can watch “Challenging Embedded Coloniality in Music History Curricula” here: