“Rogalsky and former Sonic Arts Studio Assistant Dimitri Georgaras co-performing David Tudor’s ‘Microphone’ at the Villa Elisabeth, Berlin.”

As part of a ten-day series of performances, papers and workshops on David Tudor organized by curator Carsten Seiffarth and the sound art organization Singuhr in Berlin, entitled “Unexpected Territories”, Matt Rogalsky performed a new realization of Tudor’s piece “Microphone”, exploring its 1970 version made at the Osaka World’s Fair, which was never documented in recordings. The piece was realized using reproductions of Tudor’s original circuitry with vintage microphones of the type originally employed.

Rogalsky was joined in performance by former student Dimitri Georgaras (Queen’s Electrical Engineering 2020) whose compositional work at Queen’s was greatly informed by Tudor and who has continued to build and perform with new instruments which explore Tudor’s ideas about musical feedback. In addition to the performance, Rogalsky gave a paper entitled “The Collective Approach to Rainforest IV”, exploring the dynamics at work in realizing this well-known group sound sculpture piece over the decades since it was first done in 1973.

Weblink: https://www.digitalinberlin.de/unexpected-territories-concerts/