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Mental Health Resilience


Colloquium: Building Mental Resilience in Uncertain Times

Dates: September 17 and 24 (1-2:30pm)

Join the DAN School of Drama and Music
for a unique mental resilience workshop on Sept 17 and 24, 2021. In this experiential workshop, you will learn how to handle uncertainty and change, and attain tools for sustained mental wellbeing by improving critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration – the key skills required for the future of work.  Based on a prevention-oriented paradigm of integral health, the workshop introduces educational, experiential, and behavioural components based on the latest cognitive science to help students develop the mind and establish themselves as leaders during this challenging time.

  • Explore the nature of uncertainty and change in the context of the integral view.
  • Attain knowledge of preventative strategies for anxiety and depression.
  • Apply growth mindset, process orientation, cognitive-behavioural and emotional regulation tools in daily life.
  • Learn ways to increase energy levels for optimal performance.
  • Activate the relaxation response daily for physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Build resilient relationships through improved communication and collaboration.
  • Access higher levels of consciousness in complex situations.
  • Explore current and future challenges in the context of the integral paradigm.

Instructor: Milena Braticevic, PhD

Milena holds a PhD in Integral Health from the California Institute for Human Science. Milena’s work explores prevention-oriented methodologies for mental health, sustainability, and wellbeing. Her mental resilience program showed significant reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety in young adults, along with increase in critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. Milena’s mental health literacy programs have helped individuals build resilient minds and have contributed to the reduction of common mental disorders and stigma. For more information, visit www.nondualperspectives.com.