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Michelle MacQueen

Michelle MacQueen

Teaching Fellow


Michelle MacQueen is a PhD candidate in the Cultural Studies program at Queen’s University. She’s originally from Cape Breton Island. She holds a Bachelor of Music from Acadia University in Wolfville NS, where she completed an undergraduate thesis on Led Zeppelin and the band’s performative persona. She completed her MA in Music and Culture at Carleton University in Ottawa. Her MA thesis examined the iconic Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip and contemporary Canadian politics, illustrating a kind of Canadianness that reflects Canada as a “work in progress.” Her PhD research is on the political economy of tourism, focusing on Cape Breton Island: who is impacted by this system; what are the goals; how do the various actors work together; what are the effects; and how is it all justified? Overall, she aims to illustrate tourism’s effects on music, culture, and understandings of culture, as well as the effectiveness of tourism’s claims to economic development. In all her work, she aims to bring an interdisciplinary intention that has deep connections between arts, culture, activism, and social change.