Multi-Genre Vocal Ensemble

Multi-Genre Vocal Ensemble: MUTH 160/260/360/460/1.5 units

Director - Patricia O'Callaghan

Telling a story with music…How many ways can we do that? Diversify your music theatre experience by exploring the possibilities of devising new opera/music theatre. 

This ensemble is about re-examining storytelling through song, and will feature analysis, discussion, experimentation, collaboration, improvisation, play, performance, and opportunities for mentorship. We will examine the context and content of songs, and how different approaches can affect their meaning. For example, how does the meaning of a baritone aria change if it’s sung by a soprano? Or if it’s sung as a jazz ballad? We will draw from a variety of genres, including classical, musical theatre, cabaret, pop, folk, and jazz, using the participants’ ideas and predilections to define the repertoire and themes that ultimately create our program.  

Emphasis will be on the process rather than the product, although our endeavour will culminate in the performance of our own collective curation/creation – one at the end of the fall semester and the other at the end of the winter semester. 

Weekly Rehearsal Times: To be determined  

Audition Information for 2023/2024

All interested students may be admitted to this course, but students will still be required to submit an audition video so that roles may ultimately be assigned. To audition, perform one selection (Operatic Aria or Music Theatre song), either accompanied or unaccompanied. State your voice type before you perform (“I am a soprano/ mezzo-soprano/ tenor/ bass/ unknown”).