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Special Topics in Music III [MUSC 477]

MUSC 477/3.0 Special Topics in Music III

An intensive analysis of a particular topic within a specific area of music. Topics vary by year.

LEARNING HOURS 120 (24S;12G;24O;60P)

PREREQUISITE Level 3 or above and permission of the School.

PROFESSOR Jeffrey Leung

Music Credits: 

Music: Rush Concerto for Alto Saxophone (2014, rev. 2019) by Kenneth Fuchs (b. 1956) 

Performers: Jeffrey Leung, alto saxophone; Yi-Hui Chen, piano 

Recording: Fairchild Theatre at Michigan State University, recorded on December 7, 2019 

FULL RECORDING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_wUo5nVuQ0