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Music and Video Games [MUSC 240]

MUSC 240/3.0 Music and Video Games

An examination of the music of video games, focusing on sociological perspectives of gameplay. Content will include game history, theories of play, immersion and interactivity, interactions with social media and other online communities, and related interdisciplinary topics such as trope, intertextuality, and narrative.  Students will learn to identify key concepts in ludomusicology (the study of video game music) and apply them to a discussion of specific games in order to understand the function, influence, and effects of sound in video games, and will apply these in critical analysis.

Course content will include lectures, readings and associated online quizzes, group discussion, and two ‘scene study’ writing projects in lieu of exams.


PREREQUISITE Level 2 or above.

EXCLUSIONS MUSC 245/3.0 (Topic: Music and Video Games)