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Music Fundamentals [MUSC 104] F 2021

MUSC 104/3.0 Music Fundamentals

Offered Online through ASO 

More details about the course are available here.

This is an ideal foundation course for those interested in the creative process or continuing on to more advanced music study. It covers the language of music and its “grammar” (rudiments) through the study of notation, ear training, theory and analysis. Students also learn how to read and hear music in different styles, including classical, pop and rock. A degree of fluency is achieved through regular practice in written assignments and classroom activities. 

For Fall 2021 Remote Delivery  

The course will be delivered completely “online” through the use of lecture videos. Classroom activities will be replaced by recorded assignments. There will also be a group assignment each week. “Live” office hours will be held weekly. Specific technology requirements must be met in order to complete and submit written and recorded assignments. 

  1. Required Technology 

Written exercises and group assignments: 

Either one of: 

  1. a) Printer/scan combination. Print out worksheets and complete by hand. Scan completed work with a recommended App.
  2. b) iPad or tablet. Complete assignments onscreen without printing out the worksheet. Note that a digital pencil must be used-it is not possible to complete assignments using a mouse or trackpad.

Recorded exercises: 

  1. a) Piano keyboard or recommended App
  2. b) Metronome App.

NOTE: Students who hold Royal Conservatory Advanced Rudiments or higher should consult with the School for appropriate course placement. May not be taken for credit by students in the B.Mus. Plan. 

LEARNING HOURS: 120 (18L; 18G; 36O; 48P) 

EXCLUSION: No more than one course from MUSC 104/3.0; MUSC P06/0.0; MUSC P52/3.0.

INSTRUCTOR: Graham Freeman