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Musical Theatre Audition Portfolio [MUTH 329]

MUTH 329/3.0 Musical Theatre Audition Portfolio

Over the course of the semester, students will add a multitude of new genre-specific songs to their musical theatre audition portfolio, thus creating a complete repertoire book with a minimum of 6 pieces. They will perform these songs throughout the term via recorded videos (self-tapes) and will give and receive feedback from their peers and the instructor. Students will learn how to choose material, how to make cuts, how to assemble professional audition books, how to analyze music, how to work with tracks and an accompanist. After finishing this course, students will be well-equipped to enter the professional audition circuit and/or have a multitude of learned new repertoire and familiarity with new music for future performance or teaching opportunities.

PREREQUISITE One of: MUSC 121, 124, 280, MUTH 210, MUTH 320, or special permission of instructor.

INSTRUCTOR Melissa Morris


Students will become skilled at creating pre-recorded self-tapes of their auditions and will post them for the class to view. We will be using Zoom with a scheduled meeting time once a week, with weekly tutorials for more specialized coaching. Students will analyze, memorize, and perform 6 new pieces both with an accompanist track and karaoke tracks.  There will be no final exam.