The DAN School congratulates Professor Natalie Rewa on her latest publication: “Haptic Descriptions: Costume Design by Gillian Gallow and April Viczko.” Performance Costume: New Perspectives and Methods, Editors Sofia Pantouvaki and Peter McNeil (Bloomsbury, 2021), pp.297-305.

Professor Natalie Rewa proposes an analysis of the work of two costume designers working in Canada who encourage active forms of description of the costumes in performance by the spectators.  The costumes by Gillian Gallow attune the spectator to a critical narration of complex aspects of racialization, gender and survivance by their performativity that introduces an embodiment of what has been absented or remains silent; those by April Viczko enable a sympoesis of cross species performance through a technological collaboration of design disciplines empowering the performer’s animations of the costume autonomously.