Queen's University
The Dan School of Drama and Music is pleased to welcome our new faculty members!
Dean Burry

Dr. Burry is an Assistant Professor teaching MUSC 152: Introduction to Vocal Composition.

Kornel Wolak

Dr. Wolak is an Assistant Professor and clarinet instructor.

Elizabeth Eccleston

Dr. Eccleston is an Assistant Professor and oboe instructor.

Sherri Helwig

Ms. Helwig is a Lecturer, teaching ARTL 806: Strategic Leadership & Governance.

Cassel Miles

Mr. Miles is a Lecturer teaching MUTH 211: Dance for Music Theatre.

Sarah Yunji Moon

Ms. Moon is a Lecturer and flute instructor.

Clelia Scala

Ms. Scala is a Lecturer teaching DRAM 342: Elements of Design Practice, and she will design and make the masks for the Fall 2018 Drama Major Production, a new version of Aristophanes’s The Birds.