Queen's University
The Dan School of Drama and Music is pleased to welcome our new faculty members!
Kelsey Jacobson

Kelsey Jacobson is an Assistant Professor teaching DRAM 200: Theatre History and Literature 1.

Dean Burry

Dr. Burry is an Assistant Professor teaching MUSC 152: Introduction to Vocal Composition.

Elizabeth Eccleston

Dr. Eccleston is an Assistant Professor and oboe instructor.

Sherri Helwig

Ms. Helwig is a Lecturer, teaching ARTL 806: Strategic Leadership & Governance.

Cassel Miles

Mr. Miles is a Lecturer teaching MUTH 211: Dance for Music Theatre.

Sarah Yunji Moon

Ms. Moon is a Lecturer and flute instructor.

Richard Sanger

Mr. Sanger will be teaching DRAM 220, DRAM 251 and DRAM 350.

Clelia Scala

Ms. Scala is a Lecturer teaching DRAM 342: Elements of Design Practice, and she will design and make the masks for the Fall 2018 Drama Major Production, a new version of Aristophanes’s The Birds.