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Online Artistic Collaboration [MUTH 329]

MUTH 329/3.0 Online Artistic Collaboration


Instructors: Kelsey Jacobson & Darrell Christie

From live-streamed concerts, to Shakespeare via Zoom, to Tiktok musical duets, the pandemic has radically shifted how artists are producing content in the 21st-century. As a time of both great uncertainty and great possibility, this course dives headfirst into the current moment, focusing on performance creation in online environments. What possibilities exist for new, imaginative methods of working collaboratively? How can artists push the boundaries of experimentation in a time of social-distancing? What are both the advantages and barriers that artists face in online creation? Students will explore and analyze examples of innovative artistic works, and then use a variety of technologies to create their own online collaborative performance pieces. While the focus will be on group performance, the course will also pursue broader theoretical questions of access and inclusion, ethics and privacy, and liveness and presence. We will think critically and creatively about the future of performance, and our place within it.


FALL 2020

This course will be offered remotely in the 2020-21 academic year. Each week, the course will consist of one synchronous session with the professors, and one synchronous session reserved as a rehearsal time. Students will be expected to collaborate heavily online and make themselves available for group work. Students will also be expected to present their final pieces publicly at the end of the semester.