Queen's University

The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts is a 90,000 square foot facility comprising many different sorts of spaces for performance and study.

Specifications Sheet

Performance Hall

566-seat capacity

A building within a building: features two-foot thick concrete walls that entirely muffle outside sound state-of-the-art ventilation: fresh air is pumped into the hall via outsized ducts to reduce rumblings, it passes through thick walls in a canvas conduit to deaden vibration and then silently and gently enters the hall through grills in the floor beneath each seat

Fine-tuned walls: the curved walls cut echo and give the hall its lively acoustic effects. The smaller pieces of wood that jut out in slight angles are the equivalent of fine tuning

New York-based Arup designed the acoustics using their Virtual SoundLab technology, which allows the environment of a space to be listened to before it is even built. Retractable motorized acoustic drapes allow the performance hall sound to be customized even further.

Power Corporation of Canada Studio Theatre

A 100-seat black box studio theatre

Completely flexible space designed to provide the theatrical equivalent of a blank slate

Nothing, except the stage manager’s booth at one end, is permanent

The aluminum tubing that crisscrosses the ceiling is used for mounting stage lights that can be angled in any direction

Three sets of brackets run horizontally around the room at different heights. Panels can be slotted into these to create raised areas for audience seating or multi-level stages

Stages can be created using modular units that allow for almost any configuration

Principal Emerita Karen Hitchcock Rehearsal Hall

Designed by Arup to exactly mimic the acoustics of the performance hall

Allows musicians to practice in the rehearsal hall and move into the performance hall seamlessly, avoiding surprises.

Film Screening Room

92-seat capacity

The steeply raked seats ensure every member of the audience an unimpeded view of the screen

Multiple speakers guarantee every audience member the same acoustic experience

The projection booth features a state-of-the-art digital projector, actually a sophisticated computer that must be kept in a dust-free environment and at a carefully monitored temperature

The Art and Media Lab

The Art and Media Lab situated at the Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts is a space for artists, speakers, performers, musicians, cinematographers and actors, though not limited to other forms of practice and community engagement. It is a space for experimentation, creation, process and exploration. The Art and Media Lab can take on many forms. Artistically, it can follow the rules of a gallery or performance space. Though experimentally, it becomes a lab for producers who are uncertain of where their work may lead. The mandate of the A&M Lab is to create an accessible space for the Queen's and broader community members, students, both professional and emerging artists. The Art and Media Lab is more than a gallery, a white-walled room, a music box or a screening room - it is a space that inspires creative thinking and innovative learning.