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Faculty Research Spotlight:

Colleen Renihan, Queen's National Scholar of Music Theatre and Opera

Email: colleen.renihan@queensu.ca

Dr. Renihan’s research is focused on contemporary Canadian and American opera. Two of her current projects examine opera’s unique historiographical potential: a book (American Opera as History), which explores how American opera post-1990 has engaged with historical memory, historical time, and trauma; and a collaborative project with a Toronto-based opera company that explores the potential for augmented reality to transform spectators’ historical experience in historically-based operatic performance. She has recently commenced work on another book project examining how Canadian new music theatre has been imagined and innovated post-1970. Colleen is also engaged in practice-based research on how empathy and care-based approaches can inform teaching and learning in the performing arts.

Scholarly Presentations and Publications to-date in 2017:

 “Pitching Opera: Defining and Dividing Music Theatre at Canadian Festivals 1970-1990” Society for American Music Annual Conference (22-26 March, 2017) Montreal, PQ *Winner of the Cambridge University Press Award, 2017

“Generic Tensions in Harry Somers’s Louis Riel” Interdisciplinary Graduate Seminar, Trinity College, University of Toronto (20 April, 2017) Toronto, ON

“Riel Off-Stage” American Musicological Society, Annual NYSSL Chapter Meeting (22-23 April, 2017) Toronto, ON

“Empathy in Opera” AMS Pedagogy Study Group’s Teaching Music History Conference (9-11 June, 2017) Boston, MA

Renihan, C. “Take these tokens that you may feel us near’: Remembrance and Renewed Citizenship in Benjamin Britten’s Gloriana.” In Benjamin Britten Studies: Essays on an Inexplicit Art, edited by Vicki Stroeher and Justin Vickers, 236-258. Suffolk: Boydell & Brewer, 2017.

Renihan, C. Review of The Radio Hour, by Jake Heggie. The Journal of the Society for American Music 11/2 (Spring, 2017). DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S17521963