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Music Education: Spotlight on Julia Brook

Faculty Research Spotlight:
Julia Brook

Assistant Professor (Music Education) Music Education Advisor

Email: julia.brook@queensu.ca

B.Mus. (Brandon University), B.Ed. (Brandon University), M.Mus. (Brandon University), M.A. (University of Ottawa), Ph.D. (Queen’s University)

I have been an Assistant Professor of Music Education at the Dan School of Drama and Music since July 2015. I am the Music Education Coordinator and teach many of the music education courses including MUSC 114, MUSC 274, MUSC 335, and MUSC 438.

Prior to assuming this role, I was an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Queen’s Faculty of Education where I taught courses in the Concurrent and Consecutive Education program. I have also taught courses in elementary and secondary music methods and special education.

I began my teaching career as a music specialist in Manitoba where I taught elementary students and students with special needs. I have also been a studio piano teacher since 2000 and I currently teach at Queen’s Community Music (QCM).

My primary research program examines the interactions between curriculum and community contexts, specifically in relation to the arts and rural education. My research has examined music education programs in rural areas in Canada, and has explored the educational experiences of self-taught Indigenous artists who grew up in Canada’s North.

I am also interested in how people use the skills and knowledge gained through musical experiences into other aspects of their lives. In particular, I am examining how children in an after-school music program learn music and the extent to which these musical experiences influence their sense of belonging and self-concept. My research also examines how young alumni from music programs use the skills and knowledge in their present work situations.

Finally, I examine the use of technology in educational contexts and explore how teachers use various digital tools for their own professional development and to support their students’ learning.

I have disseminated my research findings to professional and academic audiences through presentations at conferences including the Canadian Federation Music Teachers’ Association Conference (CFMTA), Canadian Society for Studies in Education (CSSE), and the International Society for Music Education (ISME). I have also published in Canadian Music Educator, Music Education Research, International Journal of Music Education, and the Canadian Journal of Higher Education, among others. 

I also remain active as a collaborative pianist and perform regularly.

  • Promoting Equitable Access to Music Education in Canada: Examining the role and benefits of an El Sistema model for music education. Dr. Julia Brook. Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
  • What Do You Do With A Music Degree? Dr. Julia Brook & Dr. Sue Fostaty-Young, Investigators. Funded by the Joint Consortium of Research (representing the CMEA/ACME and Coalition for Music Education in Canada)