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Faculty Research Spotlight:
Dr. Colleen Renihan

Queen's National Scholar of Music Theatre and Opera

Dr. Renihan’s research is focused on contemporary Canadian and American opera. Two of her current projects examine opera’s unique historiographical potential: a book (American Opera as History), which explores how American opera post-1990 has engaged with historical memory, historical time, and trauma; and a collaborative project with a Toronto-based opera company that explores the potential for augmented reality to transform spectators’ historical experience in historically-based operatic performance. She has recently commenced work on another book project examining how Canadian new music theatre has been imagined and innovated post-1970. Colleen is also engaged in practice-based research on how empathy and care-based approaches can inform teaching and learning in the performing arts.

Scholarly Presentations and Publications to-date in 2017:

 “Pitching Opera: Defining and Dividing Music Theatre at Canadian Festivals 1970-1990” Society for American Music Annual Conference (22-26 March, 2017) Montreal, PQ *Winner of the Cambridge University Press Award, 2017

“Generic Tensions in Harry Somers’s Louis Riel” Interdisciplinary Graduate Seminar, Trinity College, University of Toronto (20 April, 2017) Toronto, ON

“Riel Off-Stage” American Musicological Society, Annual NYSSL Chapter Meeting (22-23 April, 2017) Toronto, ON

“Empathy in Opera” AMS Pedagogy Study Group’s Teaching Music History Conference (9-11 June, 2017) Boston, MA

Renihan, C. “Take these tokens that you may feel us near’: Remembrance and Renewed Citizenship in Benjamin Britten’s Gloriana.” In Benjamin Britten Studies: Essays on an Inexplicit Art, edited by Vicki Stroeher and Justin Vickers, 236-258. Suffolk: Boydell & Brewer, 2017.

Renihan, C. Review of The Radio Hour, by Jake Heggie. The Journal of the Society for American Music 11/2 (Spring, 2017). DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S17521963