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Performance Technology

Faculty Research Spotlight:
Matt Rogalsky

Assistant Professor and Executive Director of The Sonic Arts Studio

Current research revolves around creation of software tools for live improvisation, and re-investigation of just intonation tuning concepts put forward by the late composer Martin Bartlett. Some of this research is finding voice as the elements of a score for a new, as yet untitled, experimental film by Gary Kibbins. Other current projects include SSHRC-funded research with geographer Laura J. Cameron into the life and work of early Canadian environmental sound recordist William WH Gunn. The research has included new sound installations as works of research-creation which respond to Gunn’s practice, which were presented in Ontario and BC in 2016 and 2017.

Recent exhibitions include Discipline, a large scale installation for self-resonating electric guitars responding to a rock radio station (2011, most recently shown at Galerie des arts visuels, Université Laval in February 2016), Octet (2016), an outdoor sound installation repurposing early birdsong recordings of WWH Gunn shown across Ontario and in British Columbia, and Into the middle of things, a solar-powered outdoor sound piece at the Fieldwork land art site near Perth, Ontario which also responds to Gunn’s work and reflects on “settler listening” (2017, with Laura J Cameron). Recent performances include concerts of electronic improvisation with Toronto cellist Anne Bourne and Montréal experimental trumpet/clarinet duo Sound of the Mountain

Coming Next:

A new surround-sound mix of William WH Gunn’s monophonic 1955 album “A Day In Algonquin Park” was presented as part of the May 2017 Sound Camp Workshop organized by New Adventure In Sound Art North, in South River, Ontario.

Two articles co-authored with Laura J Cameron will be forthcoming this year, “Soundwalking Salzburg, Forty Years Later” in Leonardo Music Journal 27, and “A Day in Algonquin Park: William WH Gunn and the Circadian Audio Portrait,” in the journal Organised Sound