Queen's University

Second Annual Dan School of Drama and Music Undergraduate Mini-Conference



12:30 Nature and Nurture of Vocal Talent: Reality Television and the Manipulation of Authenticity. Eilat Assif  (Faculty Supervisor Colleen Renihan)

12:55  Disability Theatre Manifesto. Emily Gray (Faculty Supervisor Jenn Stephenson)

1:20  A Schenkerian view of your radio: Schenkerian analysis of popular music. Kelsey Lussier (Faculty Supervisor Stephanie Lind)

Short Break

2:00  Disability and Responsibility. Anna Smeaton (Faculty Supervisor Professor Natalie Rewa)

2:10 Taming the Ghost in the Machine. Dimitri Georgaras (Faculty Supervisor Dr Matt Rogalsky)

2:35 The Evolving Significance of Drag. Sam Woods (Faculty Supervisor Professor Jenn Stephenson)

3:00 Il Pilastro: A Musical Blueprint. Kento Stratford (Faculty Supervisor Professor John Burge)