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Playing Shakespeare [DRAM 331]

DRAM 331/3.0 Playing Shakespeare


An introduction to playing Shakespeare. Ways of breathing life into the text thereby communicating a  character’s thoughts, wants and emotional state to an audience will be explored. (not open to students who have taken or will be taking STSC300)

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NOTE: Only one of DRAM 331 or STSC300 may be taken.

LEARNING HOURS: 120 (24Pc;12G;48G(O);36P)
PREREQUISITE: Level 3 and registration in a DRAM Major or Medial Plan, or  COCA-CODR Sub-Plan, or STSC Specialization Plan and a grade of B- in DRAM 237/3.0 and a GPA of 2.60 in DRAM or permission of the Department.


We will be exploring as much course content via zoom as we can, given the restraints. Having rehearsed two plays for the Shaw Festival for eight weeks via zoom, I know that it can offer us new and exciting insights into text work, blocking and building relationships. There are traditional acting exercises that we simply cannot do online; however, this new learning environment does offer some opportunities, including time for looking at performance assignments in a more in-depth fashion. We will meet as a class for the first hour each week via zoom. After that time, the students will have access to breakout rooms to work on their assignments, as they would normally do at the Isabel. I will be there to assist and guide as I normally do. As a class we will discuss what timings are reasonable. There will also be an additional lab session available to us for one on one appointments and check-ins.