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Research Methods in the Performing Arts [MUTH 380]

MUTH 380/3.0 Research Methods in the Performing Arts

Taught by: Professor Margaret Walker

Do you need to brush up on your research skills for a directed study or before applying to grad school? Do you want to improve your writing? Or are you just excited about finding new information on topics that interest you?

In these times of fake news, dis-information, and easy access to multiple sources of data, it has perhaps never been so important to develop good research skills. But how do you know when you need more information than what is readily available? How do you find data and assess its quality and reliability? And how do you share it and when? We will build from these basic questions and learn practical skills required to conduct multidisciplinary research in the performing and creative arts. We’ll also cover the theoretical context that informs research, helping you to select the most suitable tools and organizational plans to illuminate a project topic of your own choice.

LEARNING HOURS: 120 (36S;36O;48P)

PREREQUISITE: Level 3 or above.

EXCLUSION(S): MUSC 385/3.0; MUSC 386/3.0