In “We Are Holding Our Breath: Theatre after the Explosions,” Waisvisz argues that the various cultural crises of 2020 revealed just how much Canadian theatre needed to be exploded. In the piece, the author suggests that Canadian theatre artists of all backgrounds pay more attention to non-Western cultural concepts, such as the Akan concept of Sankofa, in order to better understand their current moment and better honour BIPOC cultures and bodies. Waisvisz links Sankofa to the genre of Afro-futurism, which likewise imagines new futures by honouring the past.

“We Are Holding our Breath: Canadian Theatre after the Explosions.”
186, pp. 59-64
Canadian Theatre Review
Volume 186, Spring 2021
Theatre After the Explosion
Editors: Signy Lynch and Thea Fitz-James

Cover photo of the issue of CTR by Simone Saunders

Promo photo for the issue drawn from Sarah’s article; photograph by Andrée Lanthier of the production of Adventures of A Black Girl in Search of God by Djanet Sears (co-pro by Centaur/NAC/