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Song Interpretation [MUTH 320]

MUTH 320/3.0 Song Interpretation for Singers and Pianists


Bruce Kelly, Baritone


Dina Namer, Piano


Wednesdays:  11:30 – 1:00  


This course will provide each “team”, composed of one singer and one pianist, with performance experience within a Masterclass format. An even number of students, with a maximum of 20 participants, will prepare selected lieder, music theatre and opera aria repertoire in duo form. Each team will choose works for performance in the class collaboratively. Vocal and pianistic aspects of interpretation and execution of each performance will be discussed and evaluated by both instructors in class, with additional input from the class participants. Listening assignments and one critical essay/ term will be included within the course.

RECOMENDED TEXTS: MOORE, GERALD “Am I Too Loud?” and “The Unashamed Accompanist”

Learning Hours: 36c72p  


Pianists: Preferably accompanying course for pianists, or permission from instructor

Singers: second year or above applied voice lessons

End of year performance by duos: TBA