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Special Studies II: Creative and Production Approaches to A Man A Fish [DRAM 319]

DRAM 319/3.0


Special Studies II: Creative and Production Approaches to A Man A Fish

This course will be a deep dive into Donna-Michelle St. Bernard’s Governor General’s nominated play A Man A Fish, part of the playwright’s “54-ology” project and inspired by events in Burundi. Students will approach this script as if they were working on a production of the text. Students will take on and explore different roles and opportunities within the creative team and production team of this “production,” from acting to dramaturgy to design. All students will engage in rigorous script analysis, character work, and at least some element of design within our pre-production process, and students will select their “production” role based on interest. We will then present an online presentation of the work at the end of the term to which we will invite the larger community.