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Special Topics in Performance I [DRAM 239]

DRAM 239/3.0 Special Topics in Performance I

DRAM 239* (fall) Acting – Embodied Performance.  Instructor: Quincy Armorer

DRAM 239* (winter) Acting. Instructor: Quincy Armorer

*Please note – only one of these 239’s can be taken.

Practical work in selected areas of performance. Not offered every year.

NOTE   Priority enrolment given to students in a DRAM Plan.

LEARNING HOURS    120 (36Pc;84P)

PREREQUISITE     Level 2 or above and DRAM 100/6.0.

EXCLUSION    No more than 6.0 units from DRAM 237/3.0; DRAM 238/3.0; DRAM 239/3.0.