Queen's University

Summer Courses 2017


Introduction to Theatre for Young Audiences

DRAM 211/3.0

Students will read a variety of plays intended for young audiences and consider the social and artistic issues associated with various dramatic and theatrical techniques.

Instructor: Grahame Renyk

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Social History of Popular Music 

MUSC 171/3.0 is a survey of trends, genres, individual artists and groups, record labels and stylistic trends, and sociological issues in 20th Century Western popular music. Online Instructor: Robbie MacKay Note: Also offered at the Castle

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Creative Entrepreneurship

ENIN 301/3.0

Learn how to use a design thinking approach to promote creative ideas, products, services, and people. 

Instructor: Sidneyeve Matrix

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Study the Shaw Festival

DRAM 371/3.0 

Students will meet each afternoon (except Mondays) at the Festival, see 10 plays, study and read the plays being performed. 

Instructor: Grahame Renyk

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Shaw, Acting Class

DRAM 373/3.0 

This acting class is taught by Sharry Flett and Guy Bannerman, current actors at the Shaw Festival

DRAM 373 runs in conjunction with DRAM 371 and both classes must be taken.

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Medieval Dramatic Literature

DRAM 271/3.0 

Explores a range of dramatic works from the medieval period in England. Students read works from both religious and secular traditions, including liturgical drama, morality plays, cycle dramas and interludes. Taught at the Castle.

Instructor: Craig Walker

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Medieval Dramatic Performance

DRAM 273/3.0 

Through primary source research and theatrical production of one medieval play, students explore the key functions of plays within medieval culture. Taught at the Castle.

Instructor: Matt Sergi

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