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Introduction to Teaching Music to Children [MUSC 114]

MUSC 114/3.0 Introduction to Teaching Music to Children

Instructor: TBA

A hands-on, blended approach to the theory and practice of teaching and engaging with children through music. Students will be introduced to concepts through educational activities and will learn to identify and describe musical characteristics heard in a variety of repertoire as well as perform short pieces appropriate for novice performers

Remote Learning: The material will be taught asynchronously organized in modules. The modules will provide explanation and exploration of introductory musical concepts and teaching principles (e.g., learning goals, success criteria, curriculum expectations, lesson planning). Course material will still be delivered through hands-on activities that can be completed remotely. A one-hour synchronous session will be used to interact with the professor to address questions and discussion/practice/demonstration of the concepts in the modules. No final examination.

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NOTE: May not be taken for credit by students in the B.Mus. plan.