Queen's University

An exciting opportunity to develop professional skills, network with some of Canada’s top theatre professionals while developing a brand new Canadian musical.


The Dan School of Drama and Music offers a three-week intensive music theatre workshop in performance, music direction, stage management and musicianship all while participating in the first developmental workshop of a major new Canadian musical.


Throughout the course, students will work with top professionals in the theatre and music theatre community while exploring, rehearsing and creating the first public presentation of material from the new Dan School commissioned musical. Internationally renowned Dan School Composer-in-Residence Leslie Arden and Governor General Literacy Award-winning playwright Colleen Murphy will join Director Tim Fort and Music Director Darrell Bryan will lead an exploration of new character creation, professional rehearsal practice, dramaturgy, historical contextualization, orchestration, arranging and concert development.  All this work will lead to three public presentations and the opportunity to be the first performers ever to create these roles - a unique opportunity!   The Suffragette Musical will receive its world-premiere in May 2021 at the Dan School’s inaugural Watershed Music Theatre Festival.  This is a chance to be part of the creation of an important new piece of Canadian music theatre!


This internship opportunity will take place at Queen’s University in Kingston between May 3 - May 24, 2020 with public performances anticipated for May 22, 23 and 24.


This course and internship opportunity is offered both FOR-CREDIT (MUTH 395/3.0.) and NOT-FOR-CREDIT.  Standard tuition rates apply to all for-credit applicants.  The program in free for all other accepted applicants.


Positions are available in the following areas:

performance       stage management        musicians (any instruments)