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Theatre and Music of Africa and the Diaspora [MUTH 375]

MUTH 375/3.0 Theatre and Music of Africa and the Diaspora

An exploration of traditional African cultural forms including music, storytelling, mask work, and dance and how those roots are the foundation of contemporary music and theatre from Africa and the African Diaspora. Students will explore the diversity of African musical forms, oral history, and dance styles. What connects these traditions across the continent of Africa, and what differentiates them from each other? Moreover, what happened to these traditions because of the Atlantic Slave Trade, and what has emerged in the Americas and Europe since then? By examining contemporary drama and music as well as the generations-old musical, dance, and oral storytelling forms at their root, we will gain an appreciation not only for the interconnectedness of the past and the present, but also for the importance of culture to Afro-descendant people on the continent and in the diaspora.

Learning Hours: 120

Prereq: Third year standing or above in DRAM or MUSC concentration or permission of the instructor

Instructor: Sarah Waisvisz

For Fall 2021 Remote Delivery:

We will be working with a combination of a weekly synchronous class; student-driven online learning (via weekly lessons on OnQ involving material to read, watch, and listen to); and quizzes and assignments to complete individually, including a creative assignment. Once a week we will meet “live” as a full class for 1 hour; this meeting will be a synchronous learning opportunity guided by the instructor and held on Zoom.