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Theory and Analysis I [MUSC 191]

MUSC 191/3.0 Theory and Analysis I

Diatonic voice-leading and harmony, principles of form and small structures (binary, ternary) through part-writing and analysis.

Learning hours: 240 (72L;24T;144P)

Prerequisite: Registration in a MUTH or MUSC Specialization Plan or a grade of A- in MUSC 104/3.0 or a grade of B+ in MUSC 105/3.0 or permission of the School.

Note: Students having received 80% or higher on a conservatory advanced rudiments exam or who can demonstrate a thorough knowledge of music rudiments may receive permission to enrol in the course by contacting: kim.gudlauski@queensu.ca

Instructor: Cecilia Livingston

Fall-Winter terms