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Tonal Counterpoint [MUSC 399]

MUSC 399/3.0 Tonal Counterpoint

Study, through composition, of the contrapuntal procedures of the 18th century, with an emphasis on J.S. Bach’s two-part inventions and fugues.

The course is designed to acquaint students with conceptual, historical and practical approaches to counterpoint and composition in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  Genres studied will include Baroque dance forms, variation, canon, invention, and fugue.  The course will incorporate a concentrated focus on model composition, and the final goal of the course will be the composition of work in an advanced contrapuntal idiom (for example, fugue, invention, or canon).

Evaluation includes contrapuntal writing assignments, analytical work, and class participation (which will include composition and sight-singing).


PREREQUISITE MUSC 293/3.0 or permission of the School.