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Special Topics in Performance II [DRAM 339]

DRAM 339/3.0


From the Calendar: Practical work in selected areas of performance. Not offered every year. LEARNING HOURS    120 (36Pc;48G;36P) PREREQUISITE    Level 3 and (registration in a DRAM Major or Medial Plan, or COCA?CODR Sub?Plan, or STSC Specialization Plan) and (a grade of B? in DRAM 237/3.0) and (a GPA of 2.60 in DRAM) or permission of the Department.   

Course Detailed Description:

DRAM 339 

DRAM 339 - Character Creation and Authenticity in Performance

This course is intended to help you, the student, claim ownership of your work and to learn how to bring truthfulness to your performances. The acting skills acquired in the course will also augment your previous training with new approaches.

Class work will provide you with tools to recognize your habits, achieve neutrality, and make specific and useful decisions about the character you are creating. Being in control of your work rather than being at the mercy of habitually unhelpful choices is the goal. As well, the class will provide an opportunity for personal and professional growth in the areas of communication in a genuine and authentic manner. The course will also be useful for those students who wish to transition from theatre training to a professional life as an actor.

Instructor: Jacob James

Jacob has spent seven seasons as a leading actor at the Stratford Festival of Canada, five seasons with The Thousand Islands Playhouse, five seasons at Videocabaret, five seasons with Drayton Entertainment as well as performances at Soulpepper, Globe Theatre Regina, Theatre Aquarius, Theatre Kingston, Neptune Theatre, Cleveland Playhouse, Cincinnati Playhouse, New York Shakespeare Exchange, among others.

A graduate of The National Theatre School, Birmingham Conservatory (Stratford Festival), and Second City Conservatory, Jacob has taught Acting and performing Shakespeare at institutions across Canada and The US including Michigan State University, Wayne State University, and University of Michigan. Jacob is also known for his film/tv/voice work with The BBC, AMC television network, as well as voicing Charlie and Ben on the UK’s most popular animated series, Fireman Sam.




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