Queen's University

Advanced Guitar Techniques [MUSC 381]

MUSC 381/3.0

Topics in Music History and Culture II

A study of advanced guitar technique and pedagogy. Topics include scale and arpeggio patterns, jazz chord voicings, alternate tunings, practice strategies and arrangement and composition for guitar. Technical goals will be tailored to individual levels. A range of styles will be explored, including classical, flamenco, fingerstyle, folk, Blues, jazz, Salsa and Afro-Cuban. Prerequisite: MUSC 188 or permission of the instructor. 

LEARNING HOURS 112 (36L;24O;52P)

PREREQUISITE MUSC 191/6.0 and [(MUSC 210/3.0 or MUSC 211/3.0) or (MUSC 203/3.0 or MUSC 204/3.0 or MUSC 205/3.0)] or permission of the School.


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