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Applied Music [MUSC 124]

MUSC 124/6.0 


Private instrumental or vocal instruction for non-B.Mus. students. Auditions required.

NOTE In addition to the regular tuition fee, students are charged an additional fee ($1600 in 2020-21, but subject to change to cover the cost of private music lessons.)

NOTE Accompanist fee - wind, brass, string, and voice students. Estimated cost is $180.

NOTE Also offered at the Bader International Study Centre. Learning Hours may vary.

LEARNING HOURS 263 (24Pc;23I;216P)

RECOMMENDATION At least i) Royal Conservatory Grade IX (or equivalent) for pianists; or ii) Grade VIII piano and Grade VIII organ (or equivalent) for organists; or iii) Grade VIII (or equivalent) for all other instrumentalists and vocalists.
PREREQUISITE Permission of the School. 

Do you have a classical music background? Would you like to continue to take private lessons while at Queen’s as an elective course? 

If you answered YES to these questions, you will be pleased to find out that MUSC 124 (6 units) offers one-on-one instrumental or vocal instruction for students who are not in the Bachelor of Music program. This course consists of 23 individual weekly one-hour lessons (or an equivalent amount of time every fortnight) with the same highly skilled performance faculty who teach our Bachelor of Music students. 

Scheduling of lessons occurs after students have registered in their other courses, which generally makes MUSC 124 an easy course to fit into any student’s timetable. For many undergraduate students, this will be the only course that they take in their undergraduate degree that consists of a private weekly lesson. The additional charge of $1600 beyond the course fee is required to help cover the extra costs in providing students with such an individualized elective course opportunity. Additionally, MUSC 124 students are provided with the same performance opportunities as Bachelor of Music students such as attending and performing at masterclasses and entering the annual Concerto/Aria Competition for the opportunity to perform with the Queen’s University Orchestra.

After successfully passing an audition, students can take MUSC 124 at any point in their Queen's studies and continue thereafter throughout their time at Queen's.  Many students take MUSC-124 in first year and continue in this stream for all four years of their program. Twelve units can be counted towards the 30 units required for a Minor Concentration in Music.

Students are expected to play a final jury examination held in the week following the end of classes in April, and to participate in weekly or bi-weekly Studios for their instrument/voice.  The final course mark consists of an average of the jury mark and the instructor's mark for work completed during the academic year.


AUDITIONS: Usually auditions would take place at the DAN School during Orientation Week prior to classes starting in September. However, with remote delivery for the Fall term, interested students will be required to submit a video recording.  Video recordings can be submitted any time after August 1, 2020 and students should expect to hear back within 10 days if they have been accepted. As classes start on Tuesday, September 8, 2020, it is highly recommended that all audition material be submitted by Thursday, September 3, 2020. Do note though, that the last day to register for a course is Monday, September 21, 2020 so, as space permits, late applications/videos can be submitted up until Thursday, September 17, 2020 but the student will lose out on one or two lessons depending on if the submission is in week one or week two of the term. For more information, see the link below.

LESSONS: Lessons will be presented using Zoom for the Fall term with information about the Winter term delivery to be provided at a later date.



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