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Directed Special Study [MUTH 500]

MUTH 500/6.0


An independent advanced project in any area of the basic curriculum in music/theatre, supervised and evaluated by faculty.

NOTE In addition to the prerequisites indicated, the School may require a grade of A- in any DRAM, MUSC or MUTH course relevant to the subject of study.


PREREQUISITE Level 4 and a GPA of 3.50 in DRAM/MUSC/MUTH and permission of the School.

Students who wish to undertake a directed special study course must submit a complete application to the Chair of Undergraduate Studies by 15 March of the previous academic year.

The application must include:

1) Application form (attached) with student contact information and the signature of the proposed faculty supervisor indicated that the faculty member has approved the parameters of the project and is willing to participate as a supervisor.

2) A written proposal containing:

a. A short summary of the project (1 paragraph)

b. Sections outlining the context of the project, the qualifications of the student to undertake this project, the objectives that the project intends to pursue, the methodology of the project.

c. A preliminary reading list

d. List of assignments/tasks and a detailed assessment scheme

e. An outline of planned contact hours involved in the project

f. An estimate of student work hours involved in the project

g. The date of completion of the project if it falls outside those stipulated for Fall/Winter terms in the University Calendar

h. Statement about whether or not your project requires Ethics Review and approval, e.g., do you intend to use research tools such as interview, observation, or survey or any other involvement of human participants.


1. Approval of any projects is conditional upon prerequisites, available space, scheduling, and resources.

2. The APC may, in consultation with the student and supervisor(s) involved, propose modifications to the project. If it appears advisable or helpful, the APC may require a meeting with the students and/or supervisor.

3. The APC may stipulate the conditions that must be met by the student before proceeding with the project.

4. A student may undertake a project during any academic term.

5. No budgetary resources will be provided in support of these courses.

6. APC’s written approval is necessary before a student may enroll in a 500-level project.

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