Queen's University

Electroacoustic Music Composition [MUSC 255]


MUSC 255/6.0


This course covers the basic techniques of electroacoustic music composition, including recording, sound editing, synthesis, MIDI, sequencers and synthesizer voicing. Emphasis is also placed on the history and aesthetics of electroacoustic music through listening, discussion and analysis.

RECOMMENDATION  Experience in music composition is encouraged but not a prerequisite.

Image: Still from MUSC 255 installation: "Swimming Through The Fields" (2017)

Instructor: Matt Rogalsky


Because the Sonic Arts Studio will not be available to us in the Fall Term, it will be a practical necessity for each member of the class to have their own laptop and to install some specific software which is either free or inexpensive. The software which will be our main 'studio' will be Reaper, available from reaper.fm. This costs less than $100 and I would suggest eventually obtaining a license (if you do not pay the license fee, however, Reaper will continue to run as normal). Other software that we'll use a lot in the Fall is the free "VCV Rack", a virtual modular synthesis system available from vcvrack.com.

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