Queen's University

Introduction to Jazz Improvisation [MUSC 253]

MUSC 253/3.0


Intro to Improv will guide students through the steps and information required to allow them to start improvising.  Concepts and skills focussed on will be in the jazz idiom, however the concepts can be applied to a variety of musical styles.  

For the fall term, 2020, this course will be implemented with remote instruction. All students will be required to record 6 tunes with accompaniment that include their own improvisation, transcribe a solo by a classic jazz performer, demonstrate proficiency with several common patterns/techniques used in the jazz language (scales/modes/voicings etc) and create a harmonic analysis of a standard jazz tune.

This is a practical course, all class members will be required to participate by playing their instrument.

Additional class time will be assigned to one on one meetings and duo/trio sessions with classmates.

PREREQUISITE Level 2 or above and registration in a BMUS or BMT Plan or permission of the School.



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