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Introduction to Theatre Space [DRAM 240]

DRAM 240/3.0                    


Introduction to Theatre Space


INSTRUCTOR: Adair Redish

A theoretical and practical introduction to technical production including various elements of theatre space, design and construction, ground plans, and stage management. Students will be introduced to the nature of technical production, its many areas, its specific jobs, as well as its integral connection to theatre space and the design aspects of a production, particularly set design and stage management.

The major software programs students will use include CAD (Computer Assisted Drafting) and MS Office. Once students are familiar with the department’s three theatre venues, practical projects will include ground plan drawings, drafting, set design, scene painting, promptbooks and stage management paperwork.

The sound section will include assembling sound systems, recording and editing sound effects.

Student evaluation will be based on participation in lecture and lab components, acquisition of skills, attitude, plus several completed assignments; a ground plan using CAD of one of a productions including 1/8” scale printout; a prompt script for a published play to include scene breakdown, daily rehearsal schedule, rehearsal reports, technical schedule, running sheets, contact sheets, blocking codes, properties track, etc; a Sound project; 2 short quizzes.

Preference will be given to students registered in a DRAM Plan who require this course for their plan.

PREREQUISITE: Level 2 or above and a registration in COCA, DRAM, MUSC, MUTH or STSC Plan.
LEARNING HOURS: 120 (18S;18Pc;84P)

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