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Listening Otherwise [MUTH 329]

MUTH 329/3.0


REMOTE DELIVERY FOR WINTER 2021. We listen every day and every moment, yet often do not often consider the ways in which this form of perception is guided by factors including gender, cultural background, sexuality, race, class, and ability (i.e. our individual positionality). Listening Otherwise considers the particular ways in which listening takes place in different settings (the concert hall, gallery, and urban and domestic spaces), and is influenced not only by cultural and gendered norms, but also by values of the institutions we are part of and the nation states we live within. The course is envisioned as a kind of “listening lab” in which we will experiment with different practices of listening. Students will have the opportunity to explore new ways of listening to music (recorded and live performance), of listening to place (as a ‘visitor/guest’ or when ‘at home’), and reconsider the political stakes of listening.

Dylan Robinson, the professor leading this course, recently had published a very well-received book entitled, HUNGRY LISTENING: RESONANT THEORY FOR INDIGENOUS SOUND STUDIES.  He has also been involved in a number of important projects of national scope that address issues of decolonial practices and appropriation of indigenous art. By way of an introduction to Dylan and his broad approach to creativity in the context of his research, check out the link below to the project titled, “of-the-now: Decolonial Imaginings,” which Dylan curated with Mitch Renaud and was produced by the Canadian Music Centre in BC with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts:




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