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Lyric Diction [MUSC 326]

Lyric Diction (MUSC 326)

MUSC 326/3.0


Recommended for all Singers, Choral Conductors and/or Collaborative Pianists who are planning to perform, teach privately and/or enrol in a graduate program. This course combines an introduction to phonetics, the International Phonetic Alphabet and vocal physiology with a study of the rules of pronunciation and elision in English, Italian, French and German. Emphasis is on active skills, expressive singing, transcription, pronunciation, critical listening, analysis and discussion.

Learning Hours 120 (36L; 84P)

Prerequisite: (Music 120/6.0 or MUSC 121/6.0, MUSC 124/6.0 or MUSC 280/3.0) or permission of the Voice Area Coordinator.

Instructor: Dianne Baird

Winter 2021 Delivery: Depends on the progression of the Covid-19 pandemic and on the decision of the University as to whether the winter term classes will be delivered in person or remotely.