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Music of the People [MUTH 245]

MUTH 245: Music of the People 

MUTH 245/3.0

LEARNING HOURS    120 (12L;48O;60P) 

PREREQUISITE    Level 2 or above.

Instructor: Golam Rabbani

How does musical culture operate when it is the center of the very existence of communities? How do socio-cultural identities are formed and flowed through music? What does it mean to be a spiritual guru of a community practicing meditative and experiential learning? How does life look in a musical context beyond our imagination? 



These are some of the questions we shall investigate within the diverse performance spaces and experiences offered in this course. MUTH 245 will study common socio-cultural themes of folk and popular music from Canada, South Asia, Europe, Africa, East Asia, and the Middle East. The course will involve innovative and exciting classroom activities, such as meditation and games. No prior background in music or the ability to read music is required for this course. 


The assessments are flexible, including participation, quizzes/assignments, and student-led projects. Students will run one-third of the course. 


Pre-requisite: Level 2 or above (and also by consultation), students from other disciplines are also welcome! 


Instructor: Golam Rabbani www.golamrabbani.ca

E-mail: golam.rabbani@queensu.ca

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