Queen's University

Music of Video Games [MUSC 240]

MUSC 240/3.0



Students from any undergraduate program are welcome in this course, and no knowledge of reading music is required.

An examination of the music of video games, focusing on sociological perspectives of gameplay.  Content will include game history, theories of play, immersion and interactivity, interactions with social media and other online communities, and related interdisciplinary topics such as trope, intertextuality, and narrative.

LEARNING HOURS: 120 (36L;24O;60P)

PREREQUISITE: Level 2 or above.

INSTRUCTOR: Stephanie Lind


Lecture content will be posted in advance via video for asynchronous delivery. One hour per week will be "live" class via Zoom for discussion of topical questions. There will be no exams, but in addition to quizzes and online reading assessments, students will complete two more substantial "scene study" assignments.

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