Queen's University

Music Theatre Creation Lab [MUTH 333]

MUTH 333/3.0


This course is an exploration of the varied components of Music Theatre creation through the practical application of writing, designing and publicly performing short, original music theatre scenes. Students will work alone and in small groups to create all aspects of the original scenes including script, lyrics, music, staging, sets, costumes and promotion. They will also create a rehearsal plan and engage other personnel to create a staged production of the scenes which will be presented publicly at the end of the term.  Guest lecturers in the areas of music and stage direction, design and stage management will further deepen students’ knowledge of each distinct discipline, while offering practical skills for the development of their own creations. 


LEARNING HOURS:  136 (12L;24S;4G;96P)

PREREQUISITE:  Level 3 and registration in DRAM, MUSC or B.M.T. Plan, or permission of the school.

NOTE:  No prior experience with composition is required, but students must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the rudiments of music prior to enrolment.

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Dean Burry



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