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Music Theatre Ensemble [MUTH 160, MUTH 260, MUTH 360, MUTH 460]

MUTH 160/260/360/460/1.5


Music Theatre Ensemble

Diversify your music theatre experience by exploring the possibilities of devising new opera/ music theatre online! This course will serve as a practical introduction to the art of online performance and collaboration as part of a dynamic new opera ensemble. Students will explore the potential of digital applications for telling stories through music and theatre. We will learn tools and techniques, and engage in a series of experiments that test the limits of digital tools and platforms. 

This course features equal parts analysis, discussion, experimentation, collaboration, performance, and opportunities for mentorship. We will engage in conversation with artists at the vanguard of digital opera creation in New York and Toronto, and after viewing and analyzing their work, establish best practices of our own. Finally, we will embark on the exciting project of devising, and ultimately performing, our own newly-commissioned music theatre scene. We will be guided in our work by renowned Canadian new opera trailblazer and Director/ Dramaturge at Tapestry New Opera Michael Mori, along with composer Afarin Mansouri and librettist Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, all leading catalysts in the innovation of the Canadian digital opera scene. Students will work collaboratively with these professionals to develop the scene, and will interpret and stage it virtually in teams.

Audition Requirement

Full audition instructions are found on the Ensemble Auditions webpage, and all videos should be received by Thursday, September 3, 2020. All interested students may be admitted to this course, but students will still be required to submit an audition video so that roles may ultimately be assigned. To audition, perform 1 selection (Operatic Aria or Music Theatre song), either accompanied or unaccompanied. State your voice type before you perform ("I am a soprano/ mezzo-soprano/ tenor/ bass/ unknown").


LEARNING HOURS 168 (72Pc;24G;72P)
PREREQUISITE Permission of the School.

INSTRUCTOR Colleen Renihan



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