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Music Theatre Vocal Technique [MUTH 210]

Music Theatre Vocal Technique


MUTH 210/3.0

LEARNING HOURS    120 (24S;12G;84P)

Prerequisite: Open to all Queen’s undergraduate students.  Priority given to students registered in a Dan School Plan. Registration by the Dan School upon successful audition.

Course Description:

In Musical Theatre Vocal Techniques, we explore multiple techniques used to sing a variety of repertoire that makes up the musical theatre canon, such as legit, belt, mix, twang and speech level singing. The course begins with a study of singing operetta and ends with current Broadway repertoire. Every week, for the first half of the class, we delve into the performance practices of a different era, and the other half is a performance masterclass where students perform duets with an accompanist. Students have the opportunity to work with the instructor and the pianist, getting feedback to finesse their skills. Course objectives are to understand vocal anatomy, vocal health, vocal techniques, acting through song, character and song analysis, connecting to your acting partner, giving and receiving feedback, and how to sing fearlessly. Attendance is very important in this course, as is rehearsing on your own.

In place of a final exam, students prepare 3 duets over the term and write detailed song analyses. This course is for you if you enjoy performing musical theatre duets from different eras, watching your peers sing and move, and seeing clips of famous performers to inspire and educate you!

Please note: MUTH courses can also count as Drama or MUSC or STSC MUSC/ART option

INSTRUCTOR: Melissa Morris


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