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Orchestra [MUSC 115, 215, 315, 415]

Queen's Orchestra MUSC 115, 215, 315, 415/1.5


The Queen’s Orchestra is directed by Wolf Tormann and is open to Queen’s University students who play an orchestral instrument after passing a successful audition.  String players in particular are encouraged to apply. One of the annual highlights of the orchestra’s concert season is the performance of the previous year’s Concerto/Aria Competition winner. Recent featured performances include providing music for the Installation of Principal Patrick Deane in 2019 at Grant Hall.

In 2020, the first term will be delivered remotely focusing on orchestral excerpts in which students will work on and perform standard repertoire excerpts and compositions that will be rehearsed live in the second term. Zoom meetings will occur twice weekly during which students will play excerpts and receive constructive feedback from their peers and the director of the ensemble.

In the second term we hope to have in-person rehearsals culminating in an end-of-term concert.

This program will include Tchaikovsky’s Rococo Variations, for cello and orchestra, with Concerto/Aria Competition winner Sirui Chen and the premiere of Tangorium, a new Canadian Orchestral Tango-fusion show. Tangoriumis scored for orchestra with clarinet and digital accordion soloists and will be eloquently performed and narrated by the internationally acclaimed Canadian Duo Bridge & Wolak.

NOTE: If we cannot have live rehearsals in the winter term, we will continue working on excerpts, but focus mainly on Tangorium. We will produce a high quality recording that we’ll post on the Queen’s web site before the end of the term.

Audition requirements: Excerpts for each instrument can be found below.  A list of the two excerpts to be recorded for the audition has been posted at the top of the Audition Excerpts list found at the bottom of this page. Students are required to submit a video recording of those two excerpts (uninterrupted, no splicing) following the information provided on the Ensemble Auditions webpage.

Prior to submitting the recorded video, students must complete an Online Ensemble Audition Application. Do note that if a student is auditioning for more than one ensemble, they must complete only ONE form but indicate their preference by ranking the ensembles under consideration.  Other factors for placement in an ensemble are contingent upon the number of positions available.

The deadline for submitting the video recording is Thursday, September 3, 2020. Results will be posted shortly thereafter.

Directed by Wolf Tormann.



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Please consult ACTUAL AUDITION EXCERPTS TO BE PERFORMED FOR EACH INSTRUMENT and then download the excerpts for your instrument below.




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