Queen's University

Percussion Ensemble [MUSC 112, 212, 312, 412]

MUSC 112, 212, 312, 412/1.5 


 The Percussion Ensemble at Queen’s has been active since its inception in the mid 70’s. The ensemble performs a wide variety of music for percussion. Repertoire performed has included traditional works by John Cage, Lou Harrison, Edgard Varèse, Amadeo Roldan, Steve Reich, Alan Hovhaness and Michael Colgrass and contemporary works by current composers Michael Udow, Ivan Trevino, Nabojsa Zivkovic, Bob Becker, Emmanuel Sejourne, John Beck and many others. 





This course includes weekly rehearsals of a wider variety of repertoire, and a minimum of one concert per term for all students. Music for each semester is based on the members' skills and interests. Credit attained only with regular attendance, active participation, and ample preparation.

NOTE Students will be registered into the course number that matches their current level of study. (i.e: if a student is in third year they will be registered in MUSC 312). 

PREREQUISITE Permission of the School upon audition.

Audition information: For 2020/21, audition will take the form of a video submission. Full instructions are found on the Ensemble Auditions webpage, and all videos should be received by Thursday, September 3, 2020. Download audition repertoire here.



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